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We are co-founders of The Re:Purpose Club:

a content marketing studio uprooting the hustle and calling in a softer kind of strategy.


We're on a mission to show you how to hold a business without the burnout, through sustainable content marketing strategies that support your cyclical nature.

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The Perfectionist

The Procrastinator


3/6 Projector in Human Design

0% squiggly

Happiest when by the sea

Recovering people pleaser

Systems & processes are my JAM

Past life: Special education

Founder of The Soulful Assistant


1/3 Manifestor in Human Design

99.9% squiggly

Mama to 2

First gen boundary setter

Design & copy are my JAM

Happiest when in the garden/by the water

Past life: wedding & brand videographer

Co-Founder of Eighty Eight Co

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We’ve been deep down & dirty in 40+ businesses as Virtual Assistants and believe us when we say we have seen it ALL. The good, the bad, and the downright WTF


We’ve supported clients with countless launches. Group programs. Masterminds. Miniminds. Passive offers. Lead magnets. Nurture sequences. Content planning. Content scheduling. Content repurposing. Sales pages. Landing pages. Newsletters. You know the drill…


What did we learn? That it IS possible to build AND hold a profitable, purpose-driven business without complete meltdown levels of overwhelm, if you diversify your content marketing strategy beyond the algorithms of Instagram. 


You’re a bit squiggly.

You’re heart-led.

You want to create IMPACT.

Leave a good dent in the world.

You also want to make money. It’s cool, you’re allowed to say that.

You SHOULD say that. Because money in the hands of change-making women like you is exactly what the world needs right now. 


But here’s the thing:

You’re feeling disheartened by the bro marketer/girl boss/love n light noise.

You don’t want to be all up-in-everyone’s-faces with sleazy sales tactics. You’re here for ethical marketing strategies.


Instagram has always been a safe-bet for you when it comes to getting leads, but it’s becoming a full time job to maintain the reach & results you used to get.


You’ve got a modest email list but your emails are too sporadic to see any impact.


You’re sitting on a goldmine of content and resources that you could absolutely make use of but, where do you even start?


Long story short, you want a simple, sustainable strategy that’s gonna allow you to hold a profitable, impactful business WITHOUT the burnout. 

The Re-Purpose Club -64.jpg

You have helped me to anchor into the ‘why’ behind even the smallest of details.

Molly and Leanne made me feel seen, not stupid. They heard my struggles and I felt inspired and energised. Thank you for the real talk, I am here for this.

Working with Molly & Leanne is the dream, they are heart led incredible souls who just get it.

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