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What does cyclical living mean to us?

At The Re-Purpose Club, we don’t believe that success is measured by profit or your number of followers. Instead, we wholeheartedly believe in building authentic connections to foster a community, which in turn all support each other.

For us, honoring cyclical living is all about embracing the natural ebb and flow of life, and recognising that everything has its own season.

We are like nature, so as the seasons change, so too do the needs and demands of our businesses.

Rather than constantly striving for growth and expansion, we believe in valuing slow living and intentional business practices. And with that, we lean into the uncomfortable moments when our creativity and inspiration are at an all-time low, trusting that it’s all part of the cycle.

Google word count chart showing that the long form content holds a higher position on Google

There is no hustle around here.

The patriarchal system we live in values traits like competition and hustling, which have never aligned with cyclical living. This has resulted in a culture that prioritises productivity over self-care and personal well-being, leading to burnout and overwhelm, amongst many other things.

Also, those of us who menstruate are also often expected to suppress our natural cycles and push through pain and discomfort in order to keep up with male-dominated expectations of business. (Eye roll)

We find that this just leads us to neglect our own natural rhythms of our bodies. A true disconnection from our own intuition and needs which ultimately leads to burnout.

We find that the expectations of online business are built around the assumption of a linear, unchanging productivity model, which doesn't take into account the natural fluctuations and rhythms of our bodies and minds.

Which lead us to feeling guilty when we want to slow down and the feeling of ‘not being enough’ in what we are creating.

As entrepreneurs, we value in taking the time to be resourced and meet our own needs. We have learned that it is not always about working harder or faster, but about working smarter and with purpose.

We both have been able to shape our business to work more efficiently, and gain more freedom and ease and we want to take you on the journey.

We don’t always get it right. Overwhelm creeps up on us and we often find ourselves in a season unexpectedly.

But we are ready to step away from the patriarchal pressures to conform to this go go go model which interferes with our innate cyclical nature.

This is why we created The Re:Purpose Club, to embrace a softer, slower, and more intentional approach to content marketing. In today's fast-paced society, it's essential to reconnect with our natural cycles and embrace cyclical living.

with love,

Leanne and Molly x


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