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Do you need a VA for content creation, or could you just repurpose what already exists?

Content Creation: Finding the balance

As Virtual Assistants, we've been deep down and dirty in a LOT of businesses. One of the most common mental blocks that we come across with our clients is... (drum roll please) …content creation. Sigh.

The online space is forever telling us the importance of presenting fresh, new ideas on the regs.We’ve got zero doubts that at some point we’ve all felt this pressure to ‘show up’ - even when we didn't feel like it. It can feel overwhelming, especially for women whose rhythms and cyclical nature don't always align with the traditional workday.

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, finding the perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness is essential.

Let’s dive into the question of whether you truly need a Virtual Assistant (VA) in your business or if repurposing your existing content could be the solution you've been searching for to strike that balance.

The Power of Repurposing

Content repurposing is a strategic approach that allows you to maximise the value and reach of your existing content.

Instead of constantly creating new material, you can repurpose what you already have in a variety of formats. By repackaging and redistributing your content, you can breathe new life into it, reaching new audiences and expanding your brand’s visibility.

The Rule of 7

In the online world today, attention spans are fleeting. This is where the concept of repeating your message is so important.

Studies have shown that people need to see a message or piece of content multiple times before it truly resonates with them. It's a common marketing principle known as the Rule of 7, which suggests that individuals need to encounter a message at least seven times before taking any significant action. This repetition helps to reinforce the message, build trust, and solidify your brand in their minds.

Also to add to this - only 6-10% of your following actually see your content. So if you feel like you’re bleating on, trust us gals, you’re not. This is your permission slip to say the same thing more than once. We as human beings actually find comfort in hearing the same thing more than once. It solidifies your message - making it stick!

Assessing Your Support Needs

Consider the tasks and responsibilities that eat up your time as a business owner. While there's no denying the power of showing up authentically on stories and connecting with your audience, it's essential to evaluate the areas where ongoing support is truly necessary.

By honing in on the tasks that demand your expertise and personal touch, you can make informed decisions about where to invest your time and resources.

DIY vs. Delegating

Taking a DIY approach to every aspect of your business can often lead to burnout (trust us, we have been there). Just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should, peeps.

However, what we know is that delegating tasks doesn't always require a dedicated VA.

Instead, leveraging the juicy-ness of the content that you already have (blog posts, previous launch material, podcast transcripts) and repurposing it across multiple platforms allows you to streamline your efforts and delegate more specific/needle-moving tasks to a virtual assistant when needed. This way, you can maintain control over your brand's messaging while alleviating some of the workload.

Crafting a Repurposing Strategy

To make the most of content repurposing, it's crucial to develop a strategic plan.

Identify your core pieces of content that can be repurposed into various formats such as blog posts, social media captions, infographics, videos, or podcasts. By repackaging your content to cater to different platforms and mediums, you can extend its lifespan and reach a broader audience with minimal effort. Music to our ears.

The Power of Automation

In addition to repurposing content, consider utilising automation tools and systems to streamline your processes. Automating tasks like scheduling social media posts, email marketing, or content distribution can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on the areas that require your direct attention.

While ongoing support is crucial for business growth, re-evaluating your needs and exploring alternative approaches are essential. We are all for investing in a VA (yes we may be biased here, we believe in investing in ourselves and our businesses wholeheartedly.) But if you want to create some space in your business pronto and be able to feel some impact pretty swiftly, then maybe your first port of call is to invest and outsource the repurposing of your content and getting it scheduled!

Repurposing your existing content is a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain engagement on social media platforms while freeing up your time. By striking a balance between DIY efforts, delegating tasks, and leveraging automation tools, you can optimise your resources and achieve sustainable success in your business.

Remember, it's not always about adding more to your plate but making the most of what you already have.

So, do you really need a VA in your business, or could you just repurpose your content?

Click here to learn how to repurpose your content to create a softer, more sustainable business.

Simple, streamlined strategy to reclaim your time & sanity

If content creation gives you the heebie-jeebies at best/overwhelm at worst and you are ready for a clear, streamlined content marketing strategy to reclaim your time and sanity (zero hustle involved) then we have something just for you... 👀

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