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The Re:Purpose Club: Content marketing strategy for heart-led, squiggly coaches & creatives

The Re:Purpose Club is a content marketing studio uprooting the hustle and calling in a softer kind of strategy

In 2022, we were both deep into our entrepreneur journey. We met online, through clients, and realised we felt the same way about a lot of things. We had both experienced burnout, overwhelm and knew there was another way to do things in business.

We would voice note for hours, unpicking what it really means to ‘hustle’ and that we felt we were in the midst of urgency culture. We've both been able to shape our business to work more efficiently, and gain more freedom and ease… and we want to take you on the journey.

Two females leaning back to back, hand resting on chin with the Names Leanne and Molly  above their heads. with the title The Re: Purpose Club

Having each other has been a lifeline. A breath of fresh air - and we want to extend that support to you and other entrepreneurs in the online business world.

An Ecosystem of Women

The Re:Purpose Club is more than just a repurposing service. It is a referral network, an ecosystem of women supporting other heart-led businesses to get visible, be seen, and get their message out in the world.

This is our lil corner of the internet where we do business differently.

Strategy meets softness

We're on a mission to show you how to hold a business without the burnout, through sustainable content marketing strategies that support your cyclical nature.

Join the club

If content creation gives you the heebie-jeebies at best/overwhelm at worst and you are ready for a clear, streamlined content marketing strategy to reclaim your time and sanity (zero hustle involved) then we have something just for you... 👀

Our Happy Hour 90-min Strategy Sessions are the perfect opportunity to tap into our combined expertise and gain some serious clarity on the direction you need to take.


If you're yearning for:


🌀 Organic, sustainable growth 

🌀 A business that stands the test of time 

🌀 A softer approach aligned with your values 


We got you.


With 2 pairs of eyes and ears fully at your disposal, we'll craft a comprehensive action plan tailored to your business for you to walk away knowing exactly what you need to market your business in the most sustainable way. Tell me more immediately plz n thnx.

If you want all the juicy updates & soft, intentional marketing goodness straight to your inbox you can sign up to our newsletter here

with love,

Leanne and Molly x


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