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How to repurpose your content for a softer and more sustainable business

If the words ‘content marketing strategy’ or ‘batching content’ make you wanna do this:

…you’re safe here, we got you.

We’re all about soft, sustainable business at The Re:Purpose Club. If you’re new around here, that means creating a business that truly aligns with your values — one that fully supports the natural expansion & contraction of your creativity and productivity as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

We’ve been deep down & dirty inside countless businesses as creative & tech Virtual Assistants, and believe us when we say we've seen it ALL when it comes to content marketing and the free-for-all that is social media marketing.

Keeping up with the algorithm is not for the faint-hearted.

We have a much softer approach that gives you permission to step back from all of that whilst still being authentically visible (without diluting your message): repurpose your content.

Chances are, you’re already sitting on a goldmine of content. This could be in the form of blog posts, e-books, podcasts, masterclasses, or even the endless brain dumps in your Notes app. By repurposing what already exists, you are providing value and consistent messaging across a variety of formats & platforms.

This not only helps you to reach a wider audience, but also allows your community to connect with you and digest your offers in the ways that suit them best, establishing your expertise and building that know, like & trust factor.

Oh and did we mention that it massively saves time, energy and brain space that can be used on literally anything else? THIS is how you start to lean into the softer, slower, more sustainable side of business.

Here’s how to repurpose your content to create a softer & more sustainable business:

  1. Put an end to hand-to-mouth content. Let’s get real for a sec: you need to stop creating instagram posts on a whim, especially when you’ve got that looming sense of dread that you haven’t been ’showing up’ as much recently. We call this hand-to-mouth content and there are a whole host of reasons why this isn’t our fave thing in the world (that's a conversation for another day), but in a nutshell, it’s a waste of valuable time and energy.

  2. Start with long form content. Read that again. In order to truly make your content marketing strategy soft and sustainable, this is an absolute MUST. Pour your creative downloads into long form content, be it a blog post, a podcast, a livestream or a YouTube video. It’s all about quality over quantity at this stage, so don’t hold back, make it high concentrate & JUICY. Expand, elaborate and generally just go to town -- this will become your foundation content.

  3. Break it down. Now take your long form creation and break it down into bite size chunks. If you recorded a podcast or a video, you’ll need to transcribe it using a platform like Descript or Trint. You’re looking for: - quotes to pull - lists (3 ways to . . .) - guides (how to do . . .)

  4. Now we repurpose. Start with a blog: get your long form content published on your blog and create 5 Pinterest pins linking to your blog post. Email marketing: make the blog the basis of 2 newsletters to your email list and link back to it to drive your readers over to your website. For social media: turn quotes into graphics, lists and guides into carousels, create Instagram stories, reels, the list goes on. Use relevant excerpts of your long form copy as captions.

  5. Ready, set, schedule! This part really is the key to the soft and sustainable content marketing. Find yourself a scheduler, there are plenty out there and they all do pretty much what it says on the tin, so you can’t go wrong (we use Tailwind). Upload the posts you created and get them scheduled! Phew.

  6. Rinse and repeat. Congrats!! You have just repurposed your content! Rinse and repeat this process as necessary, and you’ll get into a flow.

TOP TIP: to start a Content Bank, we recommend creating 4-6 pieces of high quality long form content to get the ball rolling.

Simple, streamlined strategy to reclaim your time & sanity

If content creation gives you the heebie-jeebies at best/overwhelm at worst and you are ready for a clear, streamlined content marketing strategy to reclaim your time and sanity (zero hustle involved) then we have something just for you... 👀

Our Happy Hour 90-min Strategy Sessions are the perfect opportunity to tap into our combined expertise and gain some serious clarity on the direction you need to take.


If you're yearning for:


🌀 Organic, sustainable growth 

🌀 A business that stands the test of time 

🌀 A softer approach aligned with your values 


We got you.


With 2 pairs of eyes and ears fully at your disposal, we'll craft a comprehensive action plan tailored to your business for you to walk away knowing exactly what you need to market your business in the most sustainable way. Tell me more immediately plz n thnx.


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