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Content Creation: Why you need to stop creating hand-to-mouth content

In the fast-paced world of social media, it's easy to fall into the trap of creating content on the fly, with little to no strategy. Zero judgement from us, we’ve all been there. With the ever-changing algorithm updates and everyone and their dog telling you that you need to be visible in order to make sales, the pressure is on. But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle, embrace a more intentional approach, and still be authentically visible?

The answer lies in repurposing—transforming your long-form content into a variety of valuable pieces tailored for different platforms. Here’s why you need to stop creating hand-to-mouth content and start leveraging the power of repurposing.

The Pitfalls of Hand-to-Mouth Content Creation

Hand-to-mouth content, as tempting as it may be, lacks sustainability and strategy. It's a reactionary approach, often in the name of ‘showing up’. We’re not gonna teach you to suck eggs, we know you know that creating content in this way is neither sustainable nor strategic. So what’s a multi-passionate, spinning-all-the-plates kinda gal to do?

Enter Foundation Content: A Game-Changer

Foundation Content, the cornerstone of a strategic content marketing approach, takes the form of podcasts, YouTube videos, masterclasses, live streams, e-books, and guides. Pour your creative downloads into long-form content and make it juicy: it’s quality over quantity during this part of the process, so don’t hold back.

Unlike hand-to-mouth content creation, where speed is key, Foundation Content prioritises depth and value.

The Magic of Repurposing: Making Every Piece Count

So you have your Foundation Content, now what? The real magic begins with repurposing and trust us, you’re gonna start to see your content in a whole new light.

This transformative process involves transcribing your audio or video content and adapting it into various formats. Repurposing your long-form content is your permission slip to step back from hand-to-mouth posting, all whilst still being authentically visible and without diluting your message. Doing this not only ensures consistency but also widens your reach across different platforms, helping your audience engage with your content in ways that resonate with them.

This goes hand in hand with establishing your expertise and building that know, like and trust factor.

How Repurposing Works

Just one piece of high-value Foundation Content, like a podcast, can be repurposed into:

  • 1 x SEO optimised blog

  • 5 x Pinterest pins to guide more peeps over to your website

  • 2 x email newsletters that link back to your blog or podcast

  • 1 x Instagram carousel

  • 2 x single Instagram posts

  • 2 x Instagram reels

  • 2 x Instagram story sets

= 15 pieces of content across 5 different platforms

The Repurposing Revolution: Embrace a Softer, Sustainable Approach

So if you believe in a softer, slower and more intentional approach to content marketing, one that aligns with your values and strategy whilst giving you complete freedom from jumping through the hoops of the algorithm, then it’s time to let go of hand-to-mouth content.

Ready to embrace content marketing that prioritises quality, intention, and authenticity? Let’s ditch the content hamster wheel and lean into the power of repurposing.

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