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4 Content Marketing Strategies (that don't involve Instagram)

So you’re ready to market your online service business without the hustle and hassle of making sure you show up on social media every damn day? Yeah, us too. 

Don’t get us wrong, social media is an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to marketing your business — but it really is just one slice of the pie. The online business landscape is NOT the same as it was during the boom of lockdowns. Coupled with the algorithm constantly moving the goal posts, making the shelf life of your Instagram posts ridiculously short lived, social media marketing as a solopreneur has become exhausting. 

Here are four alternative content marketing strategies that don’t involve Instagram (but can still help you reach your audience effectively & authentically!):

The Podcast

Don’t know about you, but we LOVE a good podcast. The convenience of tuning in on the way home from the school drop off, or whilst driving makes it an extremely accessible content marketing tool. 

Podcasting is a dynamic form of foundation content that brings your brand's story and expertise to life through real-life spoken words. Whether hosting interviews, sharing insights, or diving into niche topics, podcasts create an intimate connection & sense of authenticity with your audience. 

It's like inviting them into your world, allowing them to hear your passion, personality, and knowledge. As a crucial element of content marketing, podcasts really complement your overall strategy by reaching audiences on the go, turning downtime into an opportunity for engagement. 

PLUS, if you really want to up your strategically sustainable game, you can transcribe your podcast episodes and repurpose them into blog posts. This means you’re only focussing on ONE piece of long form content, and letting it move through your content marketing food chain via blogs, email newsletters, Pinterest pins & social media posts! 

Key takeaways:

  • Reach new audiences

  • Build connection during down time

  • Boost know, like, trust factor

  • Transcribe your podcast for other content

The Blog Post

Blogging still remains a tried & true content marketing strategy. Search engines love fresh content, and regularly publishing blogs gives the Google Gods the nod that your website is active and relevant. This freshness factor can positively impact your site’s ranking, attracting organic traffic and upping your visibility (and you haven’t even had to show up on stories yet, winner-winner — chicken dinner). 

Blog posts allow you to delve into a topic, providing comprehensive insights that create a deeper connection with your audience. It establishes your authority and builds trust with your readers.

FYI: If you've got a penchant for writing juicy carousel posts on Instagram but you're NOT publishing that copy to your blog, then we hate to break it to ya, but your words are being wasted.


Make sure the Google Gods can open the floodgates to your website and offers by:


  1. Focusing on long form content

  2. Publishing everything to your blog and optimise, optimise, optimise

  3. Strategically repurposing the blog into posts for IG

This way you’re covering ALL bases, and not letting anything go to waste. Boom 💥

P.S If you need a helping hand with making sure your blog post SEO is up to scratch, then stress not, we've got you covered with our free Blog Blueprint. Click here to download and make search engines do a happy dance. 

Key takeaways:

  • Drive traffic to website with regular posts

  • Boost know, like, trust factor

  • Repurpose your blog posts into other content

The Pinterest Pin

You know how we were saying search engines love fresh content? Pinterest is THE visual search engine and with 498 million monthly users, you — online service provider — would be a fool (yeah, we went there) not to utilise it. 

So how does Pinterest fit in with your content marketing strategy? We’re so glad you asked.

Now that you’re on the blog hype, you can start creating simple branded pins aligned with your blog topics that link traffic directly back to your website or newsletter opt in. With 46% of weekly Pinners discovering a new brand or product on Pinterest, it shows that users are actively looking for new ideas and inspiration. This means they are open minded, warm, and actually ready to convert into leads.

Key takeaways:

  • Visual search engine

  • Users are actively looking for new ideas and inspiration

  • Drives traffic back to your website or landing page

The Email

Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool to connect with your audience, share updates, and promote your offerings. Ready to start really and truly nurturing your email list and give it the love, care & attention it deserves? Let’s go!


Email marketing is the PERFECT place to build your community and really up your know/like/trust game. Your subscribers should always be getting first dibs on your content & offerings as a reward for intentionally being within your inner circle. This doesn't mean you need to reinvent the wheel. It might simply mean restructuring the order of what you post where & when. So instead of posting on your socials first, you start with your newsletter, and then repurpose your email content into social posts.

Oh, and just in case you're needing any more signs to get some emails scheduled ASAP, check out these stats for size:


  • Email marketing allows you to directly engage subscribers without gatekeepers [*cough* Instagram] filtering reach. Social platforms control algorithms - but email puts YOU back in the driver’s seat, to consistently nurture your audience.


  • While IG followers are nice vanity metrics, email marketing data provides a ✨360 view✨ of your audience’s interests and behaviours. Using opens, click rates, and conversions you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not, and fine-tune your content accordingly. 


  • According to Ascend2, 70% of email recipients put email as their preferred channel for receiving personalised content. Use your list to deliver the right content to the right people who WANT to receive your wisdom. 

With careful segmentation (Flodesk makes this ridiculously easy*), you can tailor & fine tune your emails and messaging to specific audience segments, increasing the effectiveness of your email campaigns. 

Key takeaways:

  • Nurture your warm audience

  • Full view of data and analytics 

  • Boost know, like, trust factor

Multi-platform magic

In the ever-evolving landscape of online biz, it’s more important than ever to diversify your content marketing strategies beyond the confines of Instagram — remembering that social media marketing is only one slice of the pie. 

With a multi-platform approach using podcasts, blogging, Pinterest and email marketing, you can strategically connect with your audience in meaningful ways, creating your very own sustainable content marketing ecosystem in the process. Doing this not only takes the pressure off having to keep up with Instagram algorithms, but it also gives you a way more resilient and robust content marketing strategy for your online service business.

Reclaim your time and sanity with a streamlined content marketing strategy

If content creation gives you the heebie-jeebies at best/overwhelm at worst and you are ready for a clear, streamlined content marketing strategy to reclaim your time and sanity (zero hustle involved) then we have something just for you... 👀

Our Happy Hour 90-min Strategy Sessions are the perfect opportunity to tap into our combined expertise and gain some serious clarity on the direction you need to take.


If you're yearning for:


🌀 Organic, sustainable growth 

🌀 A business that stands the test of time 

🌀 A softer approach aligned with your values 


We got you.


With 2 pairs of eyes and ears fully at your disposal, we'll craft a comprehensive action plan tailored to your business for you to walk away knowing exactly what you need to market your business in the most sustainable way. Tell me more immediately plz n thnx.


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