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If the words ‘content marketing strategy’ or ‘batching content’ make you wanna do this:

…you’re safe here, we got you.

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We’re all about soft, slow and sustainable business at The Re:Purpose Club. If you’re new around here, that means creating a business that truly aligns with your values — one that fully supports the natural expansion & contraction of your creativity and productivity as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.


We’ve been deep down & dirty inside countless businesses as creative & tech Virtual Assistants, and believe us when we say we've seen it ALL when it comes to content marketing and the free-for-all that is social media marketing.

You don't need to be a content factory

Content creation & marketing can genuinely be the bane of a lot of business owner’s lives, and we totally get it. The pressure to be an ideas factory in order to keep up with algorithms, analytics, engagement and make sure you’re being visible is no joke in the online space. 


Keeping up with content is a big ol’ task, but it really shouldn’t be sucking the joy out of running a business and building a community.

It is time to embrace a softer kind of strategy

Enter Happy Hour: a super-charged, transformative 90 minutes with FULL access to our brains

Picture this: with 2 pairs of eyes and ears fully at your disposal, we'll craft a comprehensive action plan tailored to your biz. This is your golden ticket to tap into our expertise, ask burning questions, and shed some light on the direction you need to take to get you where you wanna be.

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Hands up if...

  • Content creation gives you the heebie-jeebies at best, overwhelm at worst. You're ready for a clear, streamlined strategy to reclaim your time and sanity (zero hustle involved)

  • You’re all about authentic connection. Building a community and connecting with your audience beyond the surface level is top priority, and you want your content to reflect the authenticity at the heart of your business

  • You're ready to transform ideas into action! You've been sitting on a goldmine of ideas but struggle to turn them into tangible results, and you're eager to walk away with a concrete plan ready for implementation

  • You value organic, sustainable growth. You're committed to building a business that stands the test of time, embracing a softer, sustainable approach that aligns with your values and allows for the natural ebb and flow of creativity

  • You're not interested in going viral, vanity metrics or obsessing over your follower count

During your Happy Hour, we’ll dig into the DNA of your biz to:

  • Get personalised insights as we delve into your business goals, target audience, and current challenges

  • Review your existing content, and discover untapped opportunities for repurposing that breathe some freshness into your brand

  • Explore more aligned creative formats to seriously up your content game

  • Tailored advice on where to distribute your repurposed content for maximum impact, whether it's social media, email newsletters, or your website

  • Get up close & personal with analytics tools and gain actionable insights to refine your strategy continually

  • Walk away with clarity and the confidence & tools to implement it, and two business besties to hold your hand and cheer you on!

Let’s elevate your content game in the softest way possible! Click below to grab your seat and unlock the doors to a slower & more intentional approach to content marketing...

Investment: £200

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I LOVED my Happy Hour with you both! Honestly, you made me feel seen, not stupid. I am easily intimidated in this world of comparison and competition but it was joyous! Thank you for the real talk, I am here for this. I got a much better understanding of Pinterest and how it could work for Big Love, I felt excited to explore it and get started so thank you for the knowledge and wisdom. 

Becki, Big Love Movement

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